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Debbie Kinghorn is the author of The Feelings Basket series.

” It’s an admirable idea and very nicely executed…..The great thing about exploring feelings through these books is that the stories lead to more discussion with your child…”  Read it, Daddy!

The Feelings Basket series of books provide support for parents, teachers and children to explore early life events and the feelings associated with them in a fun, entertaining and educational way.

Magic Basket cover

The Magic Basket is a very special place where Amy’s feelings live until she needs them. When Amy has a problem, or her feelings start to get in a muddle the basket always provides help. Join Amy in exploring the feelings basket and coming face to (hairy) face with some of her feelings for the first time and learn how the magic really works.

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Starting school cover

In this story, Amy deals with the prospect of starting a new school. Join Amy as Confused and Confident help her prepare for the big day.

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Brave Beats Bullies coverIt’s the day that Amy and her classmates are allowed to take a special toy into school. What was supposed to be the best day of the week turns into the worst for Amy. Find out how Lonely, Ashamed and Brave help her deal with the class bully.

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New Arrival coverAmy’s baby brother has finally arrived. After a long wait, Amy thought she would feel happy but a few other feelings get in the way.

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Dads Leaving CoverWhen Finn’s dad moves out, he doesn’t know how to feel – in fact he doesn’t want to feel anything. Join Finn as his feelings remind him how they can help answer some very important questions.

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