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NLP4Kids workshops

Debbie runs a number of different programmes covering topics which address common problems schools and pupils face. These include subject such as confidence buildingexam stress, bullying, communication skills and respect. Each  programme runs for ten weeks for one hour each week. Each workshop can take up to 16 pupils in a group, sometimes fewer depending on the needs of the individuals within the group.

Workshops are run in Primary and Secondary schools with the workshops being tailored to the age and capabilities of the group.

Debbie also offers a school placement programme which is either a half day or a full day for 10 weeks. During this time she can be on site either carrying out a range of workshops and/or one to one coaching sessions.

“NLP Therapy was provided at our school as an alternative to more traditional therapies.  The boys are hard to reach and have significant attachment issues.  Debbie gained their trust quickly and has made a really positive impact with regards to their behaviour and outlook.”

“Debbie has worked with a number of our students to help them build self esteem, focus and improve their study skills.  Each set of sessions has been tailored to suit the individual child which has given a great result.  The impact has been fantastic.”

To have a chat with Debbie to discuss which programme(s) will be best for your pupils  call 07747 090871 or email

Worried about the cost?

Did you know you can get a grant for school workshops?  

NLP4Kids have a fantastic track record of helping people to do this – we can help you too!

NLP4Teachers Workshops

The NLP4Teachers workshops are a fantastic way for your teachers to add tools and techniques to  their existing teaching skills.  These tailored 2 week workshops (which can also be run as inset training modules) cover the fundamental NLP skills to increase rapport, communication and respect in the classroom.

Here’s what some of Debbie’s previous schools have said about the workshops:

“I have enjoyed learning about all of the NLP topics.  Debbie made such a lovely, welcoming environment to her sessions and made it very easy to become involved.”

“I was particularly inspired by the language sessions.  It’s had a really positive impact on the way I talk to the children about their progress.”

“I would encourage all teachers to do this course.  I have found each week to be informative and powerful.”  

“A brilliant course – gives you a super understanding of yourself and the children you teach.”

“Every session has been insightful and I’ve taken something from each one.  The sessions have helped me to relate differently to my students.”

“I’ve taken something from each session which I’ve been able to add into every day practice.  It really is an informative and practical course.”

This course really helps you see yourself and your students in a different light – it’s been eye opening.”

“We have run a full 6 week teachers workshop with Debbie this year.  Debbie is a great trainer, her fun, enthusiastic and practical approach has been a great hit with our teachers.  Previously they hadn’t looked forward to Friday afternoon training sessions, however when they knew it was NLP sessions they were all eager to attend.  Debbie has provided our teachers with some great new skills.  This course has been a been a really positive asset for our school.”


NLP4Parents Workshops

NLP4Parents LogoMany of the schools Debbie has worked with have made full use of our workshop skills and hosted NLP4Parents workshops for their parents too.  These workshops also run for 10 weeks and provide parents with practical and effective tools to use at home.  They’re a great opportunity to compliment the work we’re doing in school, giving you peace of mind your students are getting the support they need in all areas of their life.

Check out our NLP4Parents page for more information.

We can also help you get a grant for these workshops too! 

To run an NLP4Parents Workshop from your school call 07747 090871 or email at