For parents…

Do you find your children difficult to manage ?  Do you find your own beliefs and fears get in the way of doing what you want with your children?  Perhaps you’re struggling to connect with your teen?

Sometimes we just need a bit of time to be reminded of the skills we possess and when to use them effectively.  Debbie offers one to one support for these reasons.

AF’s story

AF came to see me because she and her daughters were at loggerheads.  She was finding it difficult to cope with them and residual fears and issues from her own childhood were unhelpfully showing up in her parenting.  We worked together to identify these challenges, deal with them and put in place new strategies to help her and her children.  Here’s what she said…

“I wanted to take  this opportunity to thank you. I have found our time together invaluable. When I first came to see you, I had begun to doubt my parenting and had lost a lot of confidence. In short, I was really not sure where to turn and was very concerned about  my family situation.

You have given me the understanding and tools to be able to move forward. To realise that I have the ability to deal with situations, that I am responsible for how I feel and that I have the strength to move forward. I knew a lot of the information but had either not accepted or understood my needs and how they impacted my life.

I now feel like I am in a much better place. I am able to understand why I used to react and behave in certain ways and I can choose to move forward differently . That knowledge has been very liberating and I feel much stronger as a result. Thank you for the knowledge and the honesty.

It has been a fantastic investment in me and my family.”

MH’s story 

MH contacted me while I was coaching her daughter.  Many of the things I’d said about her daughter and how she could be supported resonated with her.  MH was carrying old wounds from her childhood which were impacting her family relationships including how she was connecting with her daughter.  We worked together to identify her own personal challenges and remove them giving her the freedom to parent in the way she wanted.  Here’s what she said…

“I first met Debbie when she was recommended to work with my daughter who was having a particularly tough time at school – as part of the process Debbie and I met and talked on a number of occasions to ensure I was offering the best support I could into the process.

A number of Debbie’s questions really challenged my thinking and my part in my daughter’s situation – because of the trust we had built up and the positive impact I had already seen I asked Debbie to work with me.   

She was quickly able to spot my patterns and my beliefs and help me identify the hooks I responded to.  Just as quickly she helped me to get rid of these incredibly unhelpful patterns – the difference in my life and my relationship with my daughter is incredible.  The only thing I wish that was different now is that I had met and worked with Debbie sooner!

Thanks Debbie”

TP’s Story 

TP called me as she’d had a significant crisis of confidence in all aspects of her life.  Here’s what TP said at the end of our sessions together…

“I am not the sort of person to usually ask for help but I was finding it very hard to get my life back on track after the death of my parents and a significant work/life balance readjustment.  Having tried, and failed, to move on, trying to convince myself that I was OK, I soon realised that deep-rooted childhood issues may be holding me back in adult life.  I reluctantly looked for help and, luckily, found Debbie.  From our initial telephone conversation I was immediately put at ease and felt in very safe hands. 

Using a number of cathartic techniques, Debbie enabled me to comfortably confront my childhood issues and readdress my adult beliefs and values.  The results over 6 weeks have been life changing.  I feel lighter and happier than I have felt in years and am really excited for the future.  Debbie was extremely approachable, knowledgeable and professional.  I cannot recommend her highly enough and I know that should I have any low points in my life in the future I will not hesitate to give Debbie a call, in fact I will look forward to doing so! “

If you’re concerned issues from your past are affecting the way you parent or your relationships with your children, then contact Debbie today to arrange a consultation- 07747 090871 or email   In only two sessions you could remove the unhelpful patterns you’ve been carrying around for years, build confidence in yourself and your capabilities and have the kind of relationship you’ve been dreaming of with your children.