One to one coaching

“I took my 10 year old daughter to see Debbie when I realised she had lost a lot of confidence, especially in making and maintaining relationships with friends but also in her ability for school work. As a result, I felt she was not reaching her full potential, often too uncomfortable to participate in class and in the playground. As a family, there was a lot of change and on top of it all, my daughter was due to sit her SATs in the summer and start a new school in the Autumn where she would be the only child transferring from her primary school.

Debbie was able to provided simple tools and support immediately, which had a swift impact. My daughter trusted Debbie, right from the outset which meant she benefited from the very first session. My daughter’s confidence improved and although the coaching was for my daughter, Debbie did a fantastic job of coaching both myself and my husband to support her with maximum effect.

Debbie is very perceptive and was able to constructively help us implement action to address issues that we hadn’t realised were there. We learnt as a family how best to support each other and my daughter. This was achieved through a variety of techniques learnt through one to one sessions, family sessions and by attending a workshop. Debbie’s coaching style is very flexible and tailored to individual needs so that each interaction was positive and beneficial. I would highly recommended Debbie to any parent looking for support to ensure their child is happy and confident.”

Mum of LH, aged 10


“I started going to these sessions as I felt that I had a lack of confidence and wanted to improve my social skills, but now I feel confident about being myself and talking to other people who I wouldn’t normally speak to. I really appreciate the support that Debbie gave me and how she was able to help so successfully by being a great confidant and friend.”

SJ aged 14


“I’m so grateful to the help and support that Debbie has given both me and my daughter. As a mum, I wanted to help my daughter but didn’t know how. Debbie managed to really understand her by firstly identifying her challenges and then she used her expert knowledge and understanding to teach her strategies to deal with them and give her a positive mindset. This resulted in Summer gaining confidence each week and now she has not only learned key skills to help her in her daily life but has found herself again; resulting in a much happier and confident teenage girl. “

MJ – Parent 


“C loves working with Debbie and has responded very well to all she has been taught.  She’s really enjoyed coming to the sessions which have given her a more positive view on life and how to deal with different situations she has to deal with on a daily basis.  We’re really pleased with the positive change it has made.”

Dad of CR – Age 15


“We are so glad that we decided to go ahead with the sessions with Debbie, we have seen huge improvements with the behaviour and wellbeing of our son.  Thanks to the parent session we have also learnt how we can help him moving forward. As a result, our family life has greatly improved.  We wouldn’t hesitate recommending Debbie (in fact we already have).”

Mum of HR – Age 9


“Debbie has really helped our 8 year old daughter Ellie grow in confidence. Ellie felt immediately relaxed with Debbie and was able to talk openly, she really looked forward to each session. With the tools given to her, Ellie has learnt to overcome the challenges and fears that everyday life can present. Debbie has also helped us massively as a family, the advice she has given us has been invaluable and I know if we ever need parenting advice or help with any issues or concerns that might arise with our children, we wouldn’t hesitate in booking Debbie again.   Thanks again.”

Mum of Ellie, Aged 8


“T was lacking in self-esteem, anxious and vulnerable for all of his successes he was never content and it was never good enough.
We went to Debbie with an open mind but not sure if she could help, we were desperate to show him who he was and our efforts were just not working.
The moment you meet Debbie you know your child will be in safe hands, she has a natural warmth and caring nature, T immediately opened himself up to her and in a short time we saw the changes.
In a few words Debbie has a fantastic ability to make your child feel at ease and has the skills to work with them in so many ways. Debbie has helped us all to understand and T knows how to cope when he has a bad day. As a family we are so grateful and know that if we ever need Debbie she will be there for us.”

BR dad of T aged 13


“We feel we have our son back.  Before seeing Debbie Adam was very worried and stressed about school, to the extent of not eating.  Since seeing Debbie he has become a lovely confident boy who is back to enjoying life and doing things an 11 year old should.”

Parents of Adam, aged 11


We are very pleased with the consultation provided by Debbie to our 5 year old son. Besides helping him overcome some basic emotions of fear and building confidence, her guidance to him for getting prepared to be a big brother to our new arrival was extremely beneficial. He was very supportive and took the new arrival as a welcome change in the family which is a major concern when you have a new member joining the family. Highly recommend Debbie for her expertise in helping kids with the appropriate guidance and support.”

Parents of NP, aged 7


“From our first meeting my daughter and I felt relaxed and comfortable talking to Debbie.  My daughter always responded well to the sessions and came out happy and positive.  She has given us techniques that we can use moving forward and we often read stories at bedtime that Debbie gave us that reinforce these techniques.”

 Mum of AP, aged 6 


“I took my son to see Debbie because he had a very frequent habit of pulling on the back of his top, saying that it was annoying him and he hated wearing anything on top, such as a coat or jumper. This often caused big problems as he was not warm enough to go outside and it caused tears and arguments. Debbie just sat and talked with him, drawing pictures and building Lego and got him to take control of this habit and stop it. It has now completely gone.
She also delved into his frustrations and his complaining about hating school. It developed into him having to be dragged off me at drop off, crying and shouting that he hated school. A tearful experience for us both. Debbie worked with him and sorted it out. The crying stopped and he was once again happy to go into school.
I am so pleased that Debbie was recommended to us and now I would like to recommend her, as she has helped us so wonderfully.”

Mum of RH, aged 6


“Her confidence has definitely improved and she is now dealing with the friend issue at school very well. She has a group of friends now and although she doesn’t socialise with them out of school yet, I am sure that this will develop.

She got a merit for her ballet and a distinction for her tap, she is over the moon!! The teacher has now put her in for another exam in July. Thanks for all your help.”

Parent of SM, age 14 years.


“Our child was starting to bully other children following a family bereavement.  Debbie Kinghorn helped him manage his anger and build his self-esteem.  We’ve got our lovely boy back again.”

Parents of TS, age 11 years.


“Thank you for all your help and support.  Grace’s confidence has significantly increased since her first session with you.  I can’t believe how quickly the changes have taken place.  We know she has the tools she needs to continue to grow in confidence and become the person she wants to be.  Thank you!”

Parent of Grace, age 12 years.


From one of my more ‘mature’ students…

“Having lived with a difficulty with spelling and reading all my life it has come as quite a surprise that I can learn a new skill to improve both. With Debbie’s expert guidance I have been able to change the way I look at words and create a confidence that I have not possessed in the past. It has been some weeks since Debbie completed the one to one sessions and I have found that I am naturally using the skills everyday at work and generally in my home life.
The secret to the success has been a combination of three things.
First, the skills that I have learned with Debbie undoubtedly work and have demonstrably changed my ability to spell and read.
Second, Debbie quickly understood me and created ways where we could overcome my particular barriers to learning so that I could progress with the acquisition of the new skill.
Third, Debbie’s natural ability, confidence and enthusiasm ensured that I put in the work necessary to achieve my goals.”
Richard, age 40+


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